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10 Hacks to be More Sustainable with your Fashion

1. Buy High-Quality Items

The easiest way to be more sustainable with your fashion is to buy high-quality items which you truly love. If you have clothing which is high quality you will be able to wear it time after time, season after season and it will last you an extremely long time.

2. Buy Timeless Items

Even if you buy high-quality items, if you get fad items you won’t want to wear them season after season. You should aim to buy timeless items, at least the majority of the time, and only buy into fads if you really love them. In fact, your style will be much more personal and impressive if you shy away from the fads everyone else wears, make your style unique instead.

Image courtesy of Burberry.com

3. Sell or Donate your Items

So if you do find yourself buying fad items or getting bored of the clothes you have, sell them or donate them. But if you buy high-quality clothes you will get enough money from selling them to replace your wardrobe. Try to think of buying clothes in a circular way, that you are just taking care of them before they go on to a new owner.

4. Learn How to Repair or Get it Tailored

Another great way to save your clothes is to learn to repair them, if you learn to do basic sewing you can completely transform your clothes and give them a new life. This skill is particularly useful if you want to thrift clothes and they don’t quite fit you perfectly. Of course, if you really can’t get your head around sewing, you can always get them tailored.

5. Take Care of Your Clothes

Make sure you take care of your clothes in the right way, always read the care labels and make sure you wash the clothes in the directed way. With lots of high-quality clothes, they are dry clean only so if you don’t want to pay for dry cleaning or don’t want to use dry cleaning because it is bad for the environment, make sure you double-check the care instructions before you buy the item.

6. Buy Secondhand

Now if you are looking for high quality, possibly designer clothes, they can be incredibly expensive especially for certain high price items like coats. One of the best ways to be sustainable is to buy second-hand clothes. Some people love to buy clothes from eBay or Depop but we suggest that to begin with you look at Vestiaire Collective, HEWI London and Rebelle because they sell solely second-hand designer clothes so you know the quality of the clothes will be good and every time you buy a piece of clothing it is checked for authenticity and quality by the sites before it is sent out to you. It is the most reliable way of buying second-hand clothes.

Image courtesy of Elle.com

7. Try to Look for Smaller Brands

You can almost guarantee that every big brand has at least one stage of the production process which is not sustainable, the majority have many stages that are bad for the environment. This means that one of the easiest ways to be more sustainable is to shop at smaller brands where they can ensure that each stage of production is done in a sustainable way. Plus supporting small brands is incredibly positive too! Have a look at our Top 10 'Up & Coming' Brands 2020 article to find out more!

8. Stay Away From Fast Fashion

Although this might seem obvious to anyone who already actively tries to be sustainable with their fashion, it is still worth pointing out to those who are new to this kind of shopping. Not only does fast fashion only create clothes which are of poor quality, but the production process is incredibly bad for the environment and the clothes themselves are most of the time fad products which you won’t want to wear for very long. Not that you will be able to wear them for very long, because the quality is so poor! That being said, if you can only afford fast fashion, try to look at second-hand clothes and be sensible with your purchases. But you do you, buy the clothes which are best for you!

9. Store the Clothes Sensibly

One of the best ways to make your clothes last a long time is to store them correctly. When in doubt you can always google the right ways to look after them, but some good rules of thumbs are: If you hang up your knitwear, use wide velvet hangers to stop the shoulders from stretching, or just fold them instead; Make sure you use moth defenses in your wardrobe if your clothes are prone to moth holes and always use a suede protection spray, especially on your shoes.

10. Keep Up To Date with Sustainable Fashion Tips

Fashion technology is improving every day and so the best way to stay sustainable is to stay up to date with any changes. It seems that our society is trying to actively become more sustainable with fashion so there are new tips and tricks every day. But of course, if you don’t want to actively research these new tips and tricks, just subscribe to the S Report and let us do the work for you!

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