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The Best Fashion TV & Movies

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Our Choices for the Top Ten Movies for People who are All About Fashion!

This list encompasses everything from what you may have watched growing up, to new releases! It is by no means all the best fashion movies and TV shows, but these productions are the ones we keep coming back to again and again. So next time it is rainy and cold, or you just want to watch something, take a peek at the list, and tick some off whilst dreaming about all of your great future outfits!

1. Devil wears Prada

The mecca of fashion movies. I don’t know of one person who hasn’t watched this at least 10 times, and frankly if you haven’t watched it yet, what have you been doing?! Not only does it have an all-star cast and amazing montages of different outfits, but it is based on a bestselling book of one of Anna Wintour’s assistants. How much of the movie is based on the truth? ...Well who knows! - but it is definitely worth watching either way!

2. '1st Monday in May'

You should watch this movie just for slow motion Rihanna climbing stairs at the Met Gala!

But beyond that, it shows the thought process and work which is put in to the Met Gala. It shows the often overlooked costume department of the Met which was the source of the Met Gala as a way to fund the department. Think serene slow motion clips of Anna Wintour surrounded by thousands of years of culture and you can’t help but feel a personal connection to the clothes and costumes which are lovingly curated. Definitely worth a watch if you feel a connection to the Met Gala which goes beyond celebrity.

3. Legally Blonde

Is this the most current film for fashion in 2020? No. Instead, you should look at the fashion featured, as the pinnacle of what early 2000s fashion was all about! The fashion might not have lasted but the message sure has. Which is the stigma that surrounds fashion and style, that you can’t have both great fashion sense and intelligence. Or that you can’t have a great interest in fashion and not work in the fashion industry. This movie really shows all women that they can have it all.

4. Phantom Thread

The most luscious, heart wrenching tale about a designer and his muse. Through meeting each other to beyond marriage, this working relationship will bring out emotion in everyone that watches it. At it’s core it shows the tale of a girl trying to tame an eccentric old designer while the tough designer tries to get her to accept him while trying to accept her for who she is at the same time. It does tug at your heart strings as you are never sure which character you side with as the relationship develops. All of this is woven into the setting of an atelier where classic dresses fill the screen in every scene.

5. House of Z

A look at Zac Posen’s rise, fall and rise again. I first watched this film without any prior knowledge of Zac Posen and it managed to make me a fan of his work for life. I can only imagine how much enjoyment someone might get from it if they were already a fan.

6. Zoolander

While this might not be technically considered to be a fashion movie, it certainly is based on the vanity of models and how people in the industry are perceived to be stupid. You might not watch is for the fashion but do watch it for a laugh! Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell really are hilarious in this… and there is a sequel!

7. The September Issue

This documentary follows Anna Wintour around Vogue as she develops the September Issue of that year, as you will all know, the September Issue is the most important and biggest issue of the year. This documentary is now well over 10 years old and does not give you a huge amount information on how they make the Issue or how they know what the reader wants. Instead it works to humanise Wintour, it shows her as a women just doing her job. Would this documentary be necessary in 2020? Well I hope not, I would hope that today a successful woman wouldn’t need multiple films and documentaries to show that she isn’t cold or mean when she is just doing her job. You would hope that in the same way a man would never need a documentary like this that now a woman wouldn’t need it.

8. Killing Eve

A cat-and-mouse thriller series by Phoebe Waller Bridge, staring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, is worth a watch whether you are interested in fashion or not. This series truly is quite possibly some of the best television in a generation. But beyond that it really shows what fashion can do to help form a character, whether it is sensible and subdued or flamboyant and creative. Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) outfits will give you inspiration and jealousy throughout every episode. Definitely worth watching for the outfits...or just the story!

9. The Collection (TV Series)

In a way this feels quite similar to the Phantom Thread. It is a TV series based in a classic atelier many moons ago. It is really based on the strained relationship between two brothers who run the brand with polar opposite personalities as they try to succeed in the fashion industry. To be honest you don’t need to pay attention to the story-line because the cinematography and fashion will keep you entertained for days. Each shot looks like a piece of art, what more could you want?

10. Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty is another one which would be surprising if you hadn’t already watched it. It is another mock insight into the fashion industry. What it really gives you is a heartwarming tale of friendship. Especially as nearly all the fashion is incredibly outdated now. The main character Betty Suarez essentially struggles to combine both her Mexican heritage and her ambitions in the fashion industry. It is another one of those storylines which you would hope doesn’t exist in 2020. We hope that the fashion industry is slightly more accepting of other heritages than it used to be.

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