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Autumn/Winter Wishlist 2020

With Autumn finally here, we can finally look forward to wrapping up in luscious knitwear and cashmere. This season has been an odd one because many of the usual fashion events that signal the trends have not taken place this year, Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion week was one of the last fashion events to happen before lockdown began. With that in mind, we have rounded up a few of the key items on our wishlist for this season.

Chunky Cardigan

For the colder months this year there is nothing better than a chunky cardigan to wrap yourself up in. Now cardigans go in and out of fashion on a seasonal basis because it is very difficult to nail the trend, you don't want to go overboard and look like a bored librarian but you do want to lean into the image of being in the Scottish highlands. Either way, you will nail the trend by layering the cardigan correctly with more modern items and at the very least you can wear it while you are working from home!

Oversized Jackets

Coats and jackets are usually one of the most expensive items in your collection, this means that you don't want to be throwing them away each year. So with that in mind, this year we are looking to supplement the classic coats we already have with oversized jackets. Oversized jackets are not only incredibly trendy but as with every Autumn/Winter season, layering is a skill that must be mastered, and buying oversized outerwear will allow you to layer as many jumpers as you like underneath.

Modern Gold Chains

While mixing classic layering and cardigans, it is a must this year to contrast it with modern jewelry. This is nothing new, modern gold chains have taken the world by storm this year but it is more essential than ever when attempting to juxtapose it with more conservative styles. There is no way to go wrong with this trend, whether looking at necklaces, bracelets or earrings, just layer up on lots of different styles of chain.

Alternative Trousers to Jeans

Jeans will always be in style, they are such a staple in so many peoples' wardrobes but for this season we feel the urge to be more adventurous with our trouser style. This year, all of the trends have a focus on textures, whether it's the chunky knits of cardigans or the different styles of chains. For trousers, we are looking mainly at leather (or faux leather) and vinyl trousers, something which is a bit more attention-grabbing than the everyday jean.

Structured Tops

Many people consider tops to be an afterthought in the colder months because they are often covered up by jumpers but this means that there is often an element missing from people's wardrobes around this time of year. Structured tops give an opportunity to make the top the focal point of the outfit, they work well with jeans and boots and under jackets. It is even a great opportunity to get a vintage Vivienne Westwood corset!

What is on your Autumn/Winter Wishlist? Comment and Share below!