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Best Fashion Photographers

Alex Galievsky

Image courtesy of Oohcouture.com

The fashion industry has been revolutionized by influencers in the last few years, it would be wrong to ignore their input into the industry. Alex Galievsky is the CEO of ‘Instagram Husbands’, not only is he the other half of Leonie Hanne, who is one of the most influential people in fashion at the moment, but his photography skills are some of the best in the industry. He gives a more personal viewpoint into fashion as a whole. He shows the other side of influencers that we don’t often see which mostly translates to showing the audience the huge amounts of attention that influencers get and the pressure that it creates.

Annie Leibovitz

Image courtesy of vogue.com

Annie Leibovitz brings a very individual style of photography to fashion which has created some of the most dramatic images in the past 50 years. Her use of chiaroscuro in her images creates emotive imagery which has been used to create stories within her images. The use of chiaroscuro also allows her to direct the eye to the clothes and fashion because the colours of the clothes really pop against dull and dark backgrounds. Her style is almost formula at this point because it is so iconic and so in demand, she has found a formula that works for her so why would she even consider changing it?

Peter Lindbergh

Image courtesy of British Vogue

Lindbergh was another iconic fashion photographer, his best work is arguably his monotone portraits of supermodels which became popular at the same time as supermodels. Before his work models were not pop culture icons, the focus was purely on the clothes, not the people wearing them. While it could be argued that fashion photography should focus purely on the clothes, Lindbergh proves that the fashion industry is multi-faceted and that faces and bodies actually go in and out of fashion. This is shown in the photo as all of the supermodels look fairly similar with large wide set eyes and basically the same nose on all of them.

Patrick Demarchelier

Demarchelier is perhaps best known for his intimate portraits of Princess Diana but his best work is in fact not intimate or personal at all. His best work is portraits in a high art style which takes all personality out of the portrait and reduces the person to just a piece of art. He creates such distance between the subject and the viewer that the viewer begins to see the subject as a statue. it is this unusual approach to portrait photography which makes his work iconic, but it can also create animosity as he removes the personality out of the portrait and therefore reduces the women to objects. Well, it depends on how you view it, was he empowering these women or objectifying them?

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