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Brand of the Month - Cult Gaia

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Cult Gaia first came into the limelight when the Ark bag went viral, loved by influencers and fashionistas alike the Ark bag created a juxtaposition between high fashion and traditional basket bags. Although the brand has been around since 2012, it rose to fame with the exponential popularity of the LA trend. Like Reformation and many of the other LA brands that are popular at the moment, it takes a relaxed and whimsical view on fashion but it has the reputation of being a high fashion brand which means it has more respect. While it could be considered that just because a brand is sold alongside high fashion ateliers it should not get more respect; but the fact is, they do get more respect and attention because of it. Plus it may even get more attention because it is more affordable than many high fashion brands.

Having started as a hair accessories brand, Cult Gaia has aimed to make a cult following for their pieces and has succeeded especially since breaking through to the mainstream market. Their inspiration comes from nature, Gaia is the goddess of Mother Earth, in reality, the pieces are sculptural and land somewhere between fashion and art.

So where is it going?

It is fair to predict that this Summer the easy, breezy designs and natural, relaxed vibe to the brand will bring them even more success. In the long run it is easy to see that they will become a complete Summer lifestyle brand, think beach towels that match their bags plus sun cream and other skincare products.

Hopefully the brand itself doesn’t rush all of these products because what makes Cult Gaia special is the commitment to creating art through their products, this may be a novelty for some other brands but Cult Gaia has achieved it seamlessly.

Cult Gaia, of course, is not immune to the trends which have swept up most of the fashion brands this year. Many of their clothes feature puff sleeves, for example. As it is, not only are their designs perfect for Summer, but most are made out of linen which means that they will keep you as cool as possible. The shoes usually show a twist on the classic, unusual shapes but made out of traditional Summer materials like rattan.

Overall, if you are looking to invest in some Summer pieces for your wardrobe, look to Cult Gaia, it is so much more than a trend. This brand, although hugely popular already, will only get bigger in the next few years. And this popularity? It just comes from finding a niche in the fashion market and doing it well.

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