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Cecilie Bahnsen - Brand of the Month

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

If there is any area of the World that is truly having a moment in fashion it is Scandinavia and Cecilie Bahnsen represents that growth well. Like many other Scandinavian brands, Cecilie Bahnsen shows a fresh approach to clothing production as it places itself in the intersection between ready to wear and couture which means that each piece is incredibly special.

And why is this brand perfect for May? Well it gives a nice alternative to florals for Spring while embodying everything you could want to wear for the season. The loose designs and light fabrics will keep you cool while their shoes show a nice contrast with androgynous dark shoes. In all, if you buy a whole outfit from Cecilie Bahnsen you will end up feeling straight out of Killing Eve!

The designs themselves are a breath of fresh air and quite possibly were the source of the puffy sleeve trend we are seeing at the moment. The brand is ultra-feminine but with modern silhouettes, the dresses would be fairly traditional but they are not fitted which gives them an up-to-date feel.

Image courtesy of Condé Nast

This brand has gained massive popularity in the last few years and now has a cult following, this is due to the twist on current trends, the Copenhagen hype and influencer marketing which helps to bring attention to any brand. Having been launched in 2016, the brand has flourished incredibly quickly and has gained worldwide recognition for the refinement of the designs.

The clothes feature classic tailoring and design aspects for women’s clothes, such as the rushing and paneling. But the length and bow closure shows a twist on the classic. This technique is classic for Cecilie Bahnsen as they take classic tailoring and twist and improve it to their brand image. Each design is somehow loose and flowing while being tailored and to fit each person.

The main downside to the brand? the cost. Having a brand that is a mix between ready to wear and couture comes at a high cost.

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