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De La Vali - Brand of the Month

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

De la Vali is quickly becoming one of the go to Summer brands for girls, formed in 2017 the brand has quickly become successful. It is popular with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa which of course has only brought more success to the brand. The brand itself was founded by two friends from Ibiza and it is the clear that the Ibizan attitude permeates through all of their designs, giving them a relaxed and easy vibe. The style of the brand is distinctive and unlike many of the other brands on the market which has meant that De La Vali is already being stocked in many of the high-end fashion stores such as Browns and Net a Porter.

So, why do we like them?

Image courtesy of Tatler.com

The incredible thing about De La Vali is that they have either influenced the trends we are seeing this Summer or were able to predict them perfectly. If you are looking for something which will tick off all of the Spring Summer ’20 trends, then look no further because you can buy just one piece from De La Vali. Some of the trends that they have nailed this season are: the length of the skirts, we are finally seeing a resurgence in mini skirts and dresses; the colours of their dresses, we are seeing more neon tones being included which are of course very in at the moment and of course Victorian styles, corseting, square necklines and puff sleeves.

The best thing in their collection

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter

This dress is the best thing in the De La Vali collection at the moment, not only is it incredibly on trend for this Summer but it is on sale at the moment. The gentle floral pattern features flecks of neon in the roses which is a nod to the neon trend without it becoming a less flirty and feminine design. The relaxed puff sleeves provide relief from the structured body of the dress and they can be worn on or off the shoulders. Finally, the ruffles at the hemline of the dress mirror the ruching on the sleeves and create more modesty on a short skirt. If you like the shape of this dress it is available in different colours and patterns too!

What could be improved?

Image courtesy of DeLaVali.com

While on the whole De La Vali is an incredibly strong brand there are a few designs that could do with some improvement. The dress on the right for example could do with some improvement, the design of the dress is old fashioned but does not quite do it correctly. The Vampire’s Wife and Vilshenko do this style very well, the combination of conservative silhouettes and ‘wallpaper’ prints works well for them. But for De La Vali it feels like it was not thought out, for example, each layer of ruffles does not mirror the next, one is asymmetric, one straight and one in a V, this will make the legs look short through the dropped waist and wider through the from the horizontal lines. Plus the dress is not flattering around the bust as the triangle tailoring will make the bust appear to be low on the body.

On the whole, this is a brand to watch. You can guarantee that highstreet shops will be copying their designs very soon and if they have half as much success next season as they did this season, we will all want to be wearing their clothes!

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