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Farfetch's Mid Season Sale - Our Favourite Pieces

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

There is one type of sale which is far better than any other and that is the mid-season sale because you can buy cheaper clothes which are still current and in season. With that in mind we have selected some of the best pieces from Farfetch's huge sale, it has over 10 000 pieces on sale so this article will hopefully give you some guidance on what to look for.


In terms of clothes, the Farfetch sale has a nice mix of classics (Balmain blazer), trend pieces and new brands. This diversity means there is something for everyone. Not only are these picks great for the Summer but many are seasonless and will work for years to come. If we could offer some advice, as the pieces are still quite pricy, focus on classics which won't ever go out of style, really invest in pieces that you know you will love forever.


The best shoes in the sale are, of course, the sandals. Most are leather with small heels which means they will both last a long time and be comfortable to walk around in all day. Although this style of sandal is very trendy at the moment, it will be in style for a few years to come so it is a good idea to invest in some high quality leather sandals which will last for severals seasons to come.

Pre-Owned Bags

Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects to Farfetch is their pre-owned selection of bags. All are in excellent condition and have been authenticated by Farfetch, this means you can shop with complete confidence but for a much cheaper price. Not to mention the greatest aspect to it which is how great it is for the environment!


The jewellery selection features fine, demi-fine and fashion jewellery. The fashion jewellery, arguably, is the best of the selection because it is something a little bit different. Fine jewellery is fairly similar no matter which shop you go to but Farfetch's fashion jewellery is incredibly stylish and will perfect many outfits.

New Bags

These mini handbags are perfect for finishing an outfit off, look for monochrome colours which can work with the monochrome trend or can act as a pop of colour. Bags are the perfect way to start to be more experimental because they are more forgiving, they won't wash you out or not suit your skin tone because they are smaller than other types of clothing.

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