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Great Menswear Trends

This list is by no means a prediction of what new trends are up-and-coming, instead it is an appreciation of current trends which are either still becoming popular or will be around for a long time. This is because trends within menswear tend to move more slowly, this is not only due to traditional menswear having fewer choices (women have dresses, skirts and trousers whereas men only wear trousers) but in general, there are less men who are interested in fashion the women. This all translates into a much more slow version of fashion where trends will grow for many many years before being accepted into the mainstream designs.


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The utility trend is definitely here to stay, both in menswear and womenswear. Although it doesn’t need to be extreme, with harnesses and steel toe boots, the utility trend has been fully accepted in the mainstream shops in small ways. Just look at the rise of the bumbag for men and just how many pockets are now on cargo trousers. So where has this trend come from? Well, it is hard to say but it is clear that the utility trend goes hand in hand with the androgynous and military-inspired trends which predated the utility trend. In particular, this trend is incredibly popular at the moment for younger men, with many uni students wearing vintage utility outfits sourced from Depop.


Again, this trend should come as no surprise, this trend has been around forever now and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Now the way to wear this trend to take it to the next level is by being creative and adventurous. You should definitely wear a matching set, preferably in an unusual colour. Usually, I stay away from over the top branding on clothes but for tracksuits it really works to add more detail to an otherwise simple outfit. When buying a tracksuit look for a high cotton content, the fabric has to be nice and thick, not only will this make the tracksuit look more expensive but it will make it much more comfortable and cosy to wear.


This trend, in particular, works perfectly for Summer, especially wearing white to help keep you cool. Now this trend is not completely new, it has been done in lots of different ways before but we are seeing a transformation towards a completely monochrome trend which focusses on different textures in one outfit, as opposed to the monochrome tracksuits which aren’t particularly new anymore. As this trend is fairly new, you have to be quite brave to go for it! Of course, an easy way to start is to begin with a tracksuit which matches your trainers and jacket, just begin by experimenting and adding layers of matching clothes until you find something you like. It goes without saying but the point of experimenting like this is to create confidence, if you feel self-conscious in the clothes they aren’t worth wearing!

Modern Suits

While many of the menswear trends are turning towards leisure and casual wear, recently there has been a resurgence in the popularity of suits. But these are not the stuffy suits your Dad used to wear, these suits are usually in fun colours and unusual cuts but most importantly, they are casual enough to be worn with trainers. Suits are having a moment both in men and womenswear, because finally we have realised just how much potential they have as they are so versatile. In particular men’s suits work really well in fun patterns and colours with the fits being slightly loose so the sleeves can be rolled up to the elbows. This trend, at the end of the day, is about making suits fun again!

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