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Is Thrifting Morally right?

Thrifting is an American term used to describe people shopping at thrift stores, which is the American version of our Charity Shops. Recently Thrifting has become a huge hobby for many teenagers, especially during lockdown, many people have started buying clothes, tailoring and reselling the clothes on apps like Depop. But the question remains, is it morally right?

One of the reasons thrifting has become so popular is because many people are beginning to shy away from fast fashion and high street shops because they are so bad for the environment. By buying second hand, many people are extending the life of pieces of clothing and therefore stopping the amount of clothes going to landfill. Thrifting also encourages people to find their own sense of style because the clothes available are vastly different to the ones available in high street shops. This new hobby also encourages people to start to look for quality clothes which will last a long time over fad pieces which will be thrown away very quickly.

The main downside to thrifting is that there are many people who rely on second hand clothing and charity shops because they can’t afford to buy new clothes. With so many people now thrifting, there are less and less good clothing options in the charity shops. This has just been made worse with lockdown and fewer people donating their clothes. This situation has hit those who wear larger sizes most because many people who thrift buy larger sizes so they can tailor them into different pieces. So although it might be great for the environment, thrifting negatively affects some of the most downtrodden in our society.

Many people who go thrifting then resell the clothes on different apps, the most common one being Depop. This is incredibly useful for the teenagers who do it because it gives them experience in running a business and customer service etc. Not only that, but it keeps money flowing throughout the economy which is definitely necessary in a recession. One of the biggest advantages of thrifting is of course, that more money goes to charity than before, which can only be a good thing! But it could be considered that all of these people who resell charity shop clothes take advantage of the charity shops as they could have sold the clothes at a higher price in the first place.

So what do you think? Is thrifting good or bad?

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