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Linen - Trend of the Month

In recent weeks there has been a huge surge in linen’s popularity, but don’t be fooled, this is something which usually happens each year. As the temperature soars in Summer, people start to search for anything that will help to keep them cool. Linen is light and airy and is one of the most effective fabrics for keeping you cool because it is made out of a thin woven fabric which has small holes in it which act like little vents. This year we have seen huge amounts of attention on the trend of textured fabrics in neutral tones and linen provides the Summer version of this trend. Not only does it fit in with all of the current trends but it is a natural fibre and therefore better for the environment than many of the other fabrics on the market at the moment.

So, why is it so good for the environment?

Linen is made from flax plant fibres so it is completely natural. As it is made of a natural fibre, it can withstand incredibly high heat and it is very strong in comparison to many other fabrics, this means that it is incredibly versatile. It only needs rainwater, whereas cotton needs a huge amount of water to be treated and the whole flax plant can be used which means there is no waste. It is also completely biodegradable if it hasn’t been dyed.

How can you wear it?

Beach Cover-Up

One of the best ways you can wear this trend is to combine it with another, the shirt as a bikini cover-up trend. It is the perfect cover-up for the beach because it is a twist on the classic ultra-feminine dresses and sarongs we are used to. Just look for an oversized linen shirt, maybe from the men’s section, which you can wear undone and with the sleeves rolled up.

Sun Dress

Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Another great way to wear linen is in a classic sun dress. Not only will it help to keep you cool but the fabric will make the dress be airy and have a nice flow when you walk. But be warned! As linen is a woven fabric it can be quite sheer! You may need a lining underneath the dress.


When events and weddings start to open again, one of the best choices for them is a nice linen suit, in natural colours. This choice is great for both men and women because suits can be tailored to fit basically every body type. For women, suits can be fitted or oversized and still be in fashion.


Image courtesy of secretlinenstore.com

As linen is such a strong fabric, it works really well in upholstery and furniture but recently there has been a big trend of linen bedding. This works really well for the aesthetics of the bedding because you can mix different textures on the bed. As it is a strong fibre, the bedding will last a very long time.

Finally, linen will naturally wrinkle very easily, don’t try to stop it as it will happen whether you like it or not! Try to lean in to it and learn to love the creases.

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