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Monochrome - Trend of the Month

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

May is the perfect Month to experiment, it’s not too warm or too cold and you can perfect all of your outfits before peak Summer hits. Now monochrome can be slightly daunting at first but there are many, many advantages to dressing in one colour. First, a single block colour makes you look taller; it’s effortlessly chic and once you figure out what works for you it makes getting dressed easier. With that in mind, here are a collection of tips for making it work for you:

1. Experiment with different tones

Image courtesy of Leonie Hanne

Just because you are going for a single colour does not mean it has to be the same tone, in fact, you might have a better time with this trend if you avoid the same tone because it is nearly impossible to find a

whole outfit of the exact same tone. It will make you crazy to try to match everything together! The faux pas of clashing pink and red together does not exist anymore, embrace the clash of different tones and stick with what you think works together. But if you don’t want to go for pink and red, you can play it safe with mixing blues or nude colours for something a bit easier.

2.Experiment with texture

One of the best ways to create a more relaxed approach to the monochrome trend is to mix up the texture, it still has the same impact as any monochrome look but you look like you aren’t trying quite as hard. It has the impression of just being thrown together. This means it’s perfect for if you want to fly under the radar a bit more. Of course you can experiment with as many different textures as you like, from leather and shearling to silk and lace you can use the textures to look more masculine or feminine. The choice is yours!

3. Buy the matching set!

The simplest way to create a monochrome outfit when you have no idea where to start is to just buy a set. This way you can cheat your way through to fit in with the new trends and of course when the trends move on you can wear the clothes separately in new outfits. As shown in the photograph, one of the easiest ways is in a silk pyjama set and then when the trends move on you can use them to sleep in. Wear them with sandals or trainers in the day and easily transition to night with a pair of heels.

Of course there is endless inspiration on Instagram and in magazines, it may look impressive but it is hard to get wrong. Just stick with the same colour and wear it with confidence and you will have nailed this trend.