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Most Wholesome Influencers

If you are anything like us, you have spent lockdown becoming more and more into following the lives of influencers and in particular, we have been looking for a more wholesome type of influencer. We don’t want non-stop glamour anymore, we want to see a more realistic image of how we could spend our time in lockdown.

Lydia Elise Millen

First on the list is quite possibly the most wholesome influencer out there, Lydia Elise Millen. She has spent lockdown creating the perfect home and garden which has included becoming obsessed with gardening. Although her style of vlog has completely changed during lockdown, we hope that it is here to stay. Her old vlogs followed her around traveling and shopping whereas now it is a much more personal view of her day to day life which truly shows that influencers are not that different from the everyday person. We have in particular loved her journey of getting to grips with growing vegetables which has provided some light relief from the usual videos of clothes hauls.

In The Frow

Next on the list for best influencers has to be In the Frow, Victoria’s chipper personality is incredibly heartwarming and makes for some really interesting content. As with any of the influencers on this list, once you have been following them for a week or two you start to feel like you know them and we have loved following Victoria and her husband’s relationship through lockdown. Not only that but Victoria presents a more down to earth version of luxury fashion, she knows how hard she worked for her success and how it is difficult to fund luxury fashion for most people. Instead of saying what is most expensive is best, she looks at fashion as an art form mixed with a business.

Best Dressed

Ashley (aka Best Dressed) provides something completely different, not only do her videos focus on thrifting clothes instead of day-to-day vlogs but her videos give an honest insight into mental health issues which has helped to reduce stigma. Considering how many teenagers follow her, this attitude towards mental health issues it incredibly positive. Her lockdown content covered what it was like to be alone in New York during the lockdown. It showed the sheer isolation that many people felt in pandemic hot spots. Her best videos cover how to tailor clothes to fit you a bit better, she is incredibly creative and takes some absolutely awful clothes and completely transforms them.

Kelsey Simone

Kelsey Simone’s vlog content is not only entertaining but every single shot has a great aesthetic, she is clearly inspired by the minimalist Parisian aesthetic. This combined with gentle french background music and natural beauty tutorials create an incredibly easy and laid-back viewing experience.

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