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Our Favorite Pyjama Brands This Year...

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Our Top-Pick Leisurewear and Pyjama Brands for 2020!

If there is one thing I have learnt from the planet going in to lockdown it is what I need out of my leisurewear. Not only does it need to be comfortable but I need to feel cute. During lockdown normal beauty routines went out the window and so pyjamas were the only thing to boost self esteem, especially as they were being worn 24/7.

Olivia von Halle


Olivia Von Halle represents the peak of isolation style, silk and cotton matching pyjama sets. They are classic but come with a twist, with bright colours and unusual patterns. Many feature animals and they are the perfect pair for looking cute during the day time. The only downside being that silk and cotton won’t keep you really cosy if the temperature drops.

Loro Piana


Loro Piana is any high-fashion fan’s dream, using traditional techniques the brand makes basics and loungewear to die for. They are particularly well known for their use of incredible high quality cashmere which of course makes the loungewear very soft and cosy. The main downside? the price is enough to make your purse strings cry!



Yolke is another classic pyjama brand: Traditional sets, along with robes and slip dresses.

Most of the patterns are floral and there is a focus on fun, feminine styles.

...There is even a collection for any little ones out there!

Lulu Lemon


If you want something you could pretend to work out in lululemon is the way to go. The leisurewear line is something you can actually wear out of the house with jeans or with leggings for a work out. Mostly though, the elasticated waistbands and loose, easy styles mean that you can just be comfortable.

The White Company


The White Company not only supplies really soft pyjamas but you can kit out your entire bedroom. You can invest in your bedroom, candles and all, you can enjoy it during lockdown and have it as a sanctuary after the lockdown. If you want to really invest you can match your pillows, duvet to your pyjamas… what more could you want?



While Calzedonia might be well known for tights, there is one product and one product only that was worth adding to this list… and that is Leggings with Cashmere.

What more could you want to have on out of sight on a Zoom call.



COS supplies what we imagine to be the perfect gardening clothes... Loose and Light in simple colours and elasticated waistbands.

The designs are not complicated, but they are easy to wear. Plus they have the added comfort of knowing that if anyone sees you wearing them, they'll never know you're in pyjamas!

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