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Top 10 Best Swimwear Brands

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Solid and Striped

Solid and Striped is the swimwear brand of dreams, they perfectly encapsulate the modern woman. The cuts of the suits are incredibly flattering and they are made from sturdy material which will last for seasons to come. Not to mention the patterns which are just SO cute. This brand is perfect for the modern woman because the cuts of the suits are made to create confidence as opposed to many swimwear brands that try to show as much skin as possible.


Zimmermann is either a hit or a miss with their swimwear. Frankly, they miss the target with some of their swimwear because there are simply too many ruffles, a good swimwear brand should provide suits that you can wear without any trouble. That being said, many of their swimsuits and bikinis don’t feature ruffles, but they do feature floral patterns that are comforting in an ‘old wallpaper’ kind of way. This ‘old wallpaper’ creates a nice juxtaposition with the cuts of the swimsuits which are sometimes a bit risqué.


Fisch Swimwear provides two great things with their swimwear: Great patterns, which are a little bit different to what we have seen on the market recently, they are inspired by coral and give an eccentric ‘squiggle’ type pattern which is incredibly intriguing; and the suits are made out of recycled fishing nets and Ocean waste. This effort to help to improve the environment that the clothes will be worn in is incredibly admirable and something which all fashion brands should look to achieve.

For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons provides the ultra-feminine option, nearly all of their suits come with little extras to make the suits feel more girly. Think extra bows, straps and ruffles which make the suits more unique. These suits are eye-catching (because of the extras) and are designed to increase the confidence of the wearer, which is exactly what we need from a swimwear brand. Wearing a swimsuit or bikini is very nerve-wracking for most women, in the modern-day and age we need brands which appreciate this and design suits which flatter and improve confidence for every wearer.

Love Shack Fancy

Another ultra-feminine brand is Love Shack Fancy, this brand is an excellent choice for those who are looking for cute, romantic options. Nearly all of the suits feature a vintage-inspired floral pattern which is a nod to the brand’s vintage inspiration. As for the cut of the suits, you can expect twists on the classics, so you know they will be flattering like the classics, but twists will make them more eye-catching.

Faithful the Brand

Faithful the Brand was created with travel in mind, so it is no wonder that their swimsuits create wanderlust. The creators of the brand are from Australia and Norway so the swimsuits perfectly encapsulate the ‘oh so cool’ Scandinavian style and the expertise of Australian swimwear. The designs are delicate and vintage-inspired, most of the swimwear has a very sweet lace trim which feels slightly nostalgic. Most of the swimwear has wiring under the bust for added support and they even have some cute dresses and skirts which could be worn as a bikini cover-up. You can buy a whole beach outfit from this brand!

Mirror Palais

Mirror Palais was recently featured on our Top 10 ‘up-and-coming’ Brands article, and since the article was published the brand has grown exponentially in popularity. To the point that it is nearly impossible to buy a swimsuit from them now. They have managed to perfect the use of influencers, for example, TikTok star Addison Rae has recently worn the suit on Instagram. This means that this brand now carries the title of the ‘cool-girls’ brand and so if you can manage to buy one when they come back in stock, it will be the envy of all of your friends. Just beware, the bottoms are all fairly revealing!

Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment is at it’s heart, a high-end sportswear brand and this means that the swimwear is perfect for surfers, or anyone looking for swimwear designed for sport as opposed to holidays. That being said, it is more difficult to do simple things well. The Perfect Moment has managed to do simple swimsuits extremely well, they understand that it is not all about how the suit looks but whether it is reliable for the user. It is also worth noting this brand down for the Winter season, as their ski wear is truly excellent and will make you look both fashionable and keep you warm on the slopes.

Alicia Swim

Alicia Swim was founded in Mauritius with an intense focus on preserving the Mauritius marine ecosystem. This translates in to using Econyl, a yarn made from recycled nylon; the pieces are made in a small factory in Mauritius with a focus on employing local women and helping the local economy and with every purchase, a small donation is made to Mauritius Marine Conservation Society. The swimsuits themselves are classic shapes with bright, vibrant colours. It is clear that the inspiration for the designs has come from a tropical paradise because the swimsuits would fit right in. While the designs of this brand may not be groundbreaking, it is important for a brand to be able to do the classics perfectly and Alicia Swim has achieved this.


Eres is a French brand which is committed to the perfect fit, their designs are made to support you no matter what you do. They want to create clothes which act as a second skin so that you don’t need to worry about your clothes changing position. This all creates a line of swimwear that suits nearly everyone because they are made to be incredibly flattering, plus the added details and decorations that they add to the suits are near perfect. They are fairly subdued, they don’t draw attention away from the focus of the suits which are of course, the perfect fit.

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