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Top 10 'Up & Coming' Brands 2020

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

At the time of writing this...In this time of unrest, both through the pandemic and the knock-on effects to the economy, we have pulled together a collection of 10 Small Brands to keep an eye on. Not only do these brands have huge potential but you can help support these brands through the economic slump. Have a look through, of course each person will like different brands, they might not all be for you but you never know you might find the perfect fit!

1. Pann

While Pann has something everyone will like, from faux leather head to toe to dreamy pastels, what is really interesting about their brand is the creative shapes and branding. Somehow it is both over and understated which means that you have full creativity to push the boat out with their clothes, or not, depending on what you buy. Essentially, they do really modern takes on the classics, look above, a classic shirt dress which has been slashed and reworked with a cold shoulder and branding on the waistband which in my opinion completely improves the standard shirt dress.

Images courtesy of https://www.pannpann.com

2. Entireworld.

Quite possibly the Coolest Brand Ever...and I have never said that about a brand before!

...Don’t believe me? Click on to their website and see a model cuddling the founder’s dog on the homepage... Look on their 'About' page to hear from the founder on what their brand is all about. This brand is not only sustainable, but creates basics and sweats which would fit in to every person's closet, it is a truly democratic brand because it designs for everyone, no matter the culture, age or size this brand truly is for everyone.

Images courtesy of https://theentireworld.com.com

3. Inky and Mole

If there is anything that we look for in hair accessories it is something a little bit different. Inky and Mole definitely serves up something very different.

The designs are fun, young and a little bit eccentric and that’s why we love them. They will give your outfit the extra ‘pop’ that everyone looks for, they are bound to look great on Instagram and without doubt will get you lots of compliments.

Images courtesy of https://www.inkyandmole.com

4. Mineraleir

Think trend pieces; creative pieces, and classics re-done.

Most of their selection is fairly similar to many other pieces of jewellery on the market at the moment - But, where the company really stands out is through their ethics, their sustainability and their commitment to doing fine jewellery a better way.

They are not only careful with plastic use but they even use recycled gold. Simply put, you can get a similar selection in other shops but why would you? If you buy from them you can support a growing brand and a brand which puts ethics and sustainability first.

Images courtesy of https://mineraleir.com

5. Mirror Palais

The first thing that comes to mind when browsing on the Mirror Palais website is that the designs are made to empower every women. The designs are easy and a little bit sexy, the website makes sure to show lots of different body types, cellulite and all. It is a modern take on what women’s brands should be about. Simply put, the clothes are made to make you feel good when you wear them.

Images courtesy of https://mirrorpalais.com

6. Baguette Barrette

Hair Clips with Baguettes... Enough Said.

Image courtesy of https://baguettebarrette.com/shop/baguette-barrette

7. Lett Clothing

If you want your leisurewear to be extremely luscious, then look no further! Soft fabrics and comfort is at the core of this company. It isn’t just your everyday sweatshirt and jogging bottoms, Lett takes leisurewear to the next level with a wide array of dresses and other non typical types of comfort clothes. It begs to ask the question, can all clothes by leisurewear if they are made from the right fabric?

Images courtesy of https://lett.clothing

8. Lonely Label

Think body positivity, in a new way!

This brand is not some novelty with only plus size models and model plus size styles, but a brand where it is considered normal. It is a revolution in unfiltered beauty where all of the nitty gritty bits which are normally filtered out are left to shine. The brand itself is for any woman and is centred on the idea that lingerie should not be worn for a partner, that you can be single and wear lingerie to make yourself feel good.

Not only does this brand do lingerie, but it is transforming into an all round self care brand! With perfume and candles now being sold, if I had to predict, comfy pyjamas and socks feels like the natural next step for this brand!

Images courtesy of www.lonelylabel.com

9. Rita Row

Rita Row, it’s created in the Mediterranean, and you can tell. Light, breezy and modern, just looking at the brand makes you feel like you are going on holiday. With women’s enjoyment of the clothes at the centre of their ethos, the brand combines effortless style with quality and a modern take on women’s style. It’s definitely a brand to watch, especially if you are going on holiday.

Images courtesy of www.ritarow.com

10. Earth Beat

This brand is a lovingly assembled collection of sustainable homewares. Think lots of bamboo. These sorts of products will become more and more popular in the years to come, especially with collections like these. It is worth stockpiling a few of their products for the next time you need them.

Images courtesy of www.earthbeat.es

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