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Top 5 Interior Design Styles

1. Mid-Century Modern

It feels like the whole world is obsessed with Mid-Century Modern at the moment, and for good reason! This style is incredibly chic because of the smooth lines and neutral tones. Not to mention the low furniture creates an incredibly relaxing feeling in a room. This style is also one of the easiest interior design styles to emulate because the original mid-century modern furniture is still available in vintage furniture shops and many antique furniture shops know how popular it is now so will stock more mid-century furniture than they once did.

2. Eclectic design

Eclectic interior design style is much more difficult to emulate because it is most successful when the items and furniture are collected over a lifetime. It works best when each piece has sentimental value. Although this is difficult to achieve when you need to fill a new house with furniture to live in immediately, in this case, it is best to get the essentials and replace them with individual pieces which are perfect whenever you find them. Although you do need to approach this style with an editing eye, as eclectic style can often go overboard and look too busy and kitschy.

3. Scandinavian

Scandinavian interior design has been incredibly popular for as long as I can remember, ever since the rise of Ikea, Scandinavian interior design has been absolutely everywhere. Not only does Ikea provide an affordable source in interior design but the Scandinavian approach of hygge creates a relaxed and cozy feeling within the design style. Hygge is an approach to life used in Scandinavia which refers to “a form of everyday togetherness” which creates a cozy and safe psychological state. As the World becomes a much more scary and unpredictable place, we think that a feeling of safety is becoming more and more valued.

4. Industrial

In stark contrast to Scandinavian, Industrial interior design styles provide a sleek minimalism mixed with plenty of character. The best aspect of the industrial style is the light that it creates. The use of Crittal Windows allows for the view to be framed as if it is a piece of art and created more contrast between light and dark. The best way to use industrial design is in open-plan spaces because it uses lots of dark features which are nice and moody but can make a small space feel even smaller, which is why big, open spaces work best for industrial styles.

5. Dreamscape

Dreamscape will become a lot more popular in the next few years, it is a soft and surreal interior design style which is becoming easier and easier to achieve. It is easiest to imagine a soft scene and then to slot furniture in around it, but this means that your standard sofa is unlikely to fit into the room. The best way to start the design process is to remove all of the corners in the design and soften them into curves, this means the eye will never focus on one point in the room, instead, it will follow the curves around the room and appreciate all aspects of it.

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