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Top 5 Looks: What's On Our Summer 2020 Wishlist...

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

This wish list comprises of all the clothes I am dreaming about when we all finally leave lockdown!

I want to be fully prepared to have a post-quarantine style glow-up and a few additions to my wardrobe will help that! These pieces can be easily incorporated in to any wardrobe and styled multiple different ways with pieces you already have.

1. Light & Breezy

We have been looking for a top which is white, light and breezy - and can easily be worn with jeans in the Spring, and transition to Shorts for Summer!

2. Boilersuits are exactly what the doctor ordered for this season!

They are comfortable, and can easily be styled - which means that you can wear them around the house, or out and about...

They can be styled with a turtleneck underneath in Winter, or the sleeves can be rolled up for Summer; and you can even wear it from day to night by switching from trainers to heels!

They are truly is a versatile piece, which will be sure to be in style for a few seasons. If you invest well, yours could last for many years... But be careful to check for which fabric it is... If you want to wear it in the Summer - look for linen and cotton. If you want to wear it in Winter - look for denim or a slightly thicker fabric.

3. Summer Sandals

For Summer, we are looking for sandals with just a little heel, to help give a little bit of height, but are low enough to stay comfortable all day. The colours I am looking for are minimal and neutral, mostly black, white and tan. Something that will go with almost every outfit.

4. Bold, Architectural Earrings

In terms of jewellery... Architectural earrings are very in-style.

Although these have been in style for a few seasons already, there is no sign of them going away any time soon! You can go as big or small as you like and basically any colour. As long as you go bold, you have complete freedom with what sort of earrings to wear...

5. Swimsuit Confidence

Nothing screams Summer like a new swimsuit, whether it's a one-piece or a two-piece, a swimsuit should be less about trends and style and more about making you feel your best.

It should highlight your best features and minimise any areas that you feel self conscious about. Any swimsuit will look amazing if you wear it with confidence, no matter how much skin you want to show!

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