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Trend of the Month - Oversized Blazers

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

As the global lockdown starts to lift, nothing seems more exciting than clothes that you can actually wear outside. There is no better way to update your look than be flipping things you already have in your wardrobe, especially while the shops are still shut. With this in mind the clear trend of the Month is Oversized Blazers because you can finally get them out from the back of the closet or even save your Dad’s old blazers by removing the shoulder pads!

So if this seems like your sort of thing but you don’t know how to approach it, especially in Summer where wearing a jacket might seem a bit daunting, here are a few tips and tricks for making the use of this trend.

Balmain at Harrods

1. Go for a Dress


If you aren’t quite sure the androgynous look is for you there is no reason that you can’t go for a dress version, it is perfect for nights out or when you want to dress up. It is ultra-feminine and you can simply tailor an oversized blazer until it fits you like a glove. The tuxedo dress is a perfect example of professional-chic and will elevate your look whenever the bars open up again!

2.Go Casual with Shorts


If you love this trend like me but the heat of the Summer makes you want to stay far away then consider getting a matching suit with shorts. Not only will this allow your legs to breathe and get a tan but it is also the perfect outfit for a work Zoom call because you only need your top half to be formal. This is a style that many influencers will be wearing this Summer because it is a twist on the classic, you can wear them separately and together. Of course, you can make yourself even cooler in the Summer sun by shopping smartly, look for light colours, fabrics such as linen and cotton and get loose sleeves which can easily roll-up.

3. Add a Belt

Image courtesy of Off-White

Another way to make an oversized blazer look more feminine is to add a belt, it draws in the waist and can make an oversized blazer fit a little bit better. More than that, it gives you more versatility when it comes to blazers because you can wear them outside the workplace. By belting a blazer you can wear it over almost anything and give it a bit of colour with the belt and give shape to a boxy silhouette.

4. Add a Pop of Colour

One of the best ways to use a blazer is as a tool to transition from day to night, because they are smart and formal you can wear whatever else you like with them and the blazer will automatically elevate your outfit. Just wear the blazer with jeans and flats during the day, and swap-in heels in the evening for a really versatile day and night… and work the next morning look!

5. Go for Power Dressing


This is perhaps the pinnacle of suit dressing, power dressing is what women’s suits were developed for. They are designed to give you confidence and to feel powerful, they often come in monotone, bright colours which help to keep the attention on you in the boardroom. Essentially these outfits have been specifically developed to help women succeed in their careers. With this in mind why wouldn’t you want to emulate this in your outfits. The best oversized blazers are a twist on the classic power suit because they give the wearer confidence.

6. Baggy Trousers


Finally, it is fair to say that the trend of oversized blazers will eventually move on, as they all do, but it is clear that baggy blazers will turn in to baggy trousers. Loewe serves up a prime example on the right with tapered suit trousers which are the sister of the oversized blazer. This way of doing the oversized suit is fashion-forward and if you go for it you will be a trendsetter as opposed to a trend follower.

Really it is up to you, the oversized blazer trend seems to be here for a while and it is so versatile that you can wear it in almost any situation. If you are tempted to try this trend then you will have complete freedom with your approach to a very strong trend.

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