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Victorian Style is BACK... and here is WHY...

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Recently there has been a resurgence in classic Victorian style, but don’t feel dismayed in to wearing a bustle or a corset just yet!

Instead the resurgence consists of hyper-feminine styles, in stark contrast to the androgynous power suits and athleisure.

Perfect for Spring, imagine soft paisleys and broderie anglaise combined with a square neckline and covered buttons. Although drawn from hundreds of years ago this style feels accessible for everyone, it isn’t too out there… and won’t draw too much attention to you on the street, if that isn’t your sort of thing.

Why the trend?

While this ethereal style has been developing for some time, it certainly has been helped by the new version of Little Women.

In fact you can directly compare some of the costumes to clothes in the high-street shops this season.

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...and while the mention of paisley, broderie anglaise and florals might send you into a spin given the season, these styles are not attempting to reinvent the wheel...

...they have been done before for hundreds of years!

Are these designs groundbreaking? No.

They are classical, elegant and comfortable. The best elements can be incorporated into the mass market because they don’t push the boat out too much.

In particular the puff sleeves, square necklines and classic tailoring feel fresh because it isn’t just endless frills and ruching. Look for these elements when shopping and you will end up with something which doesn’t look like your grandma’s nightgown..!

Considering the roundabout way styles go in and out of fashion, styles which are a 'hop skip and a jump' away from your grandma’s nightgown, do give a good opportunity to source vintage pieces which are still in style!

Whilst you probably won’t find true Victorian pieces...

...you will find puff, bell sleeves from the seventies and even pieces from 5-10 years ago, which have suddenly reappeared in trends.

It may be a popular thought, but imagine only investing in classical pieces, but still had the trend pieces - which we all know come-and-go rapidly.

With that in mind, we trawled through the depths of online shopping and found several perfect examples... including a shirt for £3.00! ($4.00)

...Maybe Vintage truly is the way to go!?

Of course with anything vintage, finding that perfect item is incredibly rare, especially when shopping on websites like eBay where you do not have the luxury of trying clothes on! So if you are willing to use some sewing skills, or take vintage gems to the tailor... there is no reason why you can’t change it into something perfect!

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