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Why has preppy style taken over?

Preppy style has been around for a long time, it used to be used as a sign that you had certain interests and beliefs, you were usually more modest and conservative, but in the modern-day being preppy does not signify a certain belief or interest. Instead wearing more preppy styles now indicates that you are more courageous with your fashion, especially if you are young, because preppy styles are only just coming back into fashion. But with all trends, it will soon be shown in every high street store, especially those shops who direct their styles at teenagers.

One of the biggest influencers of this style is Emma Chamberlain, while for many years her style was criticized it recently has taken a turn and is now being copied by thousands of young girls. In particular, the oversized sweatshirt and pleated tennis skirt combo can be attributed to her. This combination is inherently preppy as there is always a link between preppy styles and American wealth and so the sweatshirts usually show an American College motif on them which is a place which is incredibly expensive to attend and the tennis skirt would traditionally only be worn by people playing tennis which is stereotypically a pastime of the wealthy. With this huge link to wealth, many people have stayed far away from the style, but with influencers like Emma Chamberlain wearing it, the link between wealth and preppy is being forgotten.

There is a common correlation between the political situation around the world and how conservative the fashion styles are. With the pandemic and the panic that has been caused by politicians attempting to deal with the situation, it is no surprise that a more conservative style has become popular. Especially one which has barely changed since it began many decades ago. This correlation is particularly relevant considering that this style is popular with teenagers, who are too young to have experienced any major political event before. These teenagers have also missed out on many major milestones while being in lockdown so subconsciously have looked for something familiar and nostalgic to wear.

Of course, we would not be able to talk about teenage fashion trends without considering one of the greatest style influencers at the moment, TikTok. While Social Media in general has been dictating fashion trends for the last decade, TikTok is different from the others because it caters almost entirely to young people. This means that you can predict what styles will be popular with teenagers based on what is viral on TikTok at the moment.

This trend goes hand in hand with thrifting and depop. Most of the preppy styles we are seeing started from thrifting and buying things second hand which is why most of the outfits feel so familiar, it is because we have seen them all before when they were actually new. Now, the difference is that with lockdown everyone has more time to edit and tailor the clothes they buy second hand so they are able to make the clothes actually work for them. This means that buying things second hand is not limited to what is available in your size anymore, you can buy what you like and tailor it to fit you.

So, what do you think? Will you be joining in with this new trend or staying safe with the classics?

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